High pressure casting
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Activities and services

High pressure casting of Aluminium and Zinc


Bulcoa Ltd. has tangible assets and technical equipment at a high technological level for the production of aluminum and zinc parts. The parts and castings manufactured by the company are distinguished by their complex configuration, high quality, excellent durability and low cost.

The company uses high quality technologies and machines from internationally recognized manufacturers. In the casting process, a set of injection molding machines under a pressure from 250 to 1000 tonnes with a horizontal cold chamber and a hot chamber with a capacity of 150 tonnes is used.
BULCOA Ltd. offers to its clients:

  • High pressure casting machines with closing force from 250 tons to 1000 tons;
  • Details and castings with a weight range from 10 g to 15 kg;
  • Control by spectrometric analysis of alloys;
  • X-ray control and laboratory measurement of castings;
  • Casting cleaning and treatment;
  • Control and inspection with 3D coordinate-measuring machine.


High-pressure casting process


BULCOA Ltd. is a company that is modernized and complies with all environmental standards and safety at work in the EU.

The quality of the casted parts is guaranteed by the high quality raw materials, which are also manufactured by the company and by the work of a highly-qualified team of professionals with many years of experience.

The blocks of material, together with  press residuals at 70/30 ratio, are melted in a gas or electric resistance furnace to a casting temperature of 680 to 720 degrees, depending on the configuration of the work piece. The sample of the furnace is then inspected and spectral analysis is performed to establish compliance with the documentation specified for the relevant part.

The prepared casting machine is connected to a preheating device for tempering from 180 to 240 degrees of the tooling. When the desired temperature is reached, the actual casting process is started.

The tool is coated with water-diluted coating in ratios of 1 to 2/100 liters in order to form a layer between the hot metal and the tool for non-sticking of the work piece and prolonging the mold life.

The metal is poured into the chamber of the machine, dosed for the respective part.

During the first phase, the casting sleeve and the supply system of the work piece are filled up to the entrances to it.

During the second phase, the form is filled at high speed.

The third phase seals the casting / molding / to remove blow holes and pores in it.

Subsequently the raw material is kept for some time in the mold for crystallizing the work piece and opening the tool, activating the ejection system and removing the cast.

After obtaining a high quality cast on visual inspection, it is checked by special equipment.

Each detail is finished with a measurement protocol.

The details are arranged in metal pallets.


Mechanical processing


BULCOA Ltd. offers machining of aluminum parts with extremely high precision and quality, without restrictions on the complexity of the parts and the size of the series.

The modern CNC-steered machining equipment offers precision milling work of parts of dimensions of up to 1000 mm. x 500 mm. x 650 mm., as well as precision machining of parts of a diameter of up to 400 mm.

The parts and castings, cast and machined by the high performance digital software machines of BULCOA Ltd. are distinguished by precision and accuracy.


Controlled die-stamping


BULCOA Ltd. offers CNC controlled stamping, which is a suitable solution for the production of a large series of parts of relatively standard sizes and shapes.

The company also offers stamping of complex details of any kind of metals with the production of a custom made tools.

The stamped parts made by the company are distinguished by their higher precision, better quality and lower cost than when using conventional stamping production methods.

The parts made on special fine stamping presses can be made of steel, stainless steel, copper, brass and aluminum.


Powder coating


BULCOA Ltd. provides first class powder coating for its customers.

Due to the fact that the most important condition for powder painting is the material from which the parts are made - the company offers an extremely high quality of the alloy from which they are cast. No cracks and cutting residuals from the manufacturing process are allowed on the parts, as this would affect the quality of the painting process.

The company performs complete painting using electrostatic powder and liquid painting of ferrous and non-ferrous metal products according to the RAL catalog.

Also, BULCOA Ltd. offers other types of finishing works.


Engineering solutions


The specialists of BULCOA Ltd. offer innovative engineering solutions that allow to accelerate the productivity, optimize the design of the casting system and the finishing processes, as well as the performance properties of the parts and castings themselves.

By designing and manufacturing special fixtures to facilitate and optimize the production of castings, tailored to the specificity of the work piece and the processing technology, time-effective and cost-effective results are achieved.


Technological and quality control


The technological and quality control at BULCOA Ltd. covers all processes in the company - management, production and accompanying, as well as all levels of material flow - from the receipt of raw materials, through the current intra-operational control to the final production control of the finished products.

The quality control department is equipped with modern measuring equipment for controlling the parameters of the manufactured parts.

The precision and high quality of the parts, castings and services is guaranteed by the competence of the QC specialists, as well as by the goals set in the company's quality policy.

Employees at all levels of the company are directly involved in quality control and are constantly improving their professional qualifications through training and mastering new professional knowledge and skills.

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